Argo Nauticae Uniquo

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Discworld's one-and-only boat-building plant. It turbo-evolved on Mono Island in accordance with the Faculty's need to get off the Island, combined with the God of Evolution's expressed wish to see them go. (although at the time he thought they were just unwelcome local phenomena that had evolved while his back was turned).

Ponder Stibbons tried to rationalize it away by making reference to seeds which naturally evolved to float from one island to another, but gave up when he realised this plant had a mainmast and full rigging.

In accordance with morphic resonance and quite possibly the Chair of Indefinite Studies wanting to be less indefinite about studying Mrs Whitlow with a minimum of clothing on, it even had a (hazy and half realised) naked lady figurehead.

The boat broke up and dissolved shortly before landfall in XXXX, but not before seeding, with large long flat seeds with a pointy bit at the front, not unlike surfboards...