Arthur Carry

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Motto: Art Brought Forth the Candle

A prominent candle maker, featured in Feet of Clay. He has a large factory in the Shambles. At the beginning of Feet of Clay, he acquires the newly-built golem king Meshugah. The golem is incredibly fast and strong, allowing Carry to substantially outproduce his competitors, driving them out of business and achieving a virtual monopoly of the industry.

However in return for the golem, as well as favours from a certain vampire, he assisted in the manufacture of the poisoned candles that were responsible for bringing Vetinari to the verge of death. The golem turned out to be insane, and when it was not out rambling about in the streets, was producing candles non-stop so fast that they exceeded demand and filled up entire warehouses.

Carry would come to an unfortunate end, lying dead in an alley beside his factory with his neck broken.