Dragon King of Arms

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Dragon King of Arms
Name possibly forgotten; the Assassins' Guild Diary names him Grav Drac von Glocken, but this may be an alias
Race Vampire
Age Very, very old.
Occupation King of Arms (Chief Herald)
Physical appearance Almost skeletal, winged
Death probably 1987 UC
Marital Status
Books Feet of Clay

Dragon King of Arms is the Chief Herald in Ankh-Morpork. He is also a vampire. His only appearance is in book Feet of Clay, at the end of which Samuel Vimes places him under arrest.

In Feet of Clay, he is attempting to reinstate a king in Ankh-Morpork. He initially considered Captain Carrot but due to his relationship with Angua (which he was afraid might result in the next king really being named Rex), he planted evidence to make it appear that Nobby Nobbs was the true king. He treats the nobility of Ankh-Morpork and the books of family trees he catalogues almost as stockbooks for successful breeding. Again, this serves as ample illustration of both the anal-retentive attention to detail of the Vampire species, combined with the way in which the underlying drive is not so much a need for blood as a desire to possess, steer, and control. (Anal-retentiveness and the control freak mentality frequently go together: it's been a popular form of government for ages.)

He also orchestrates a plan to poison Vetinari - thus leaving a space open for the new "king". In doing so, it is possible that he is also responsible for assisting the golems in the creation of the mad golem king Meshugah, who acted as a silent accomplice to his plans.

He enjoys using various puns in the coats of arms he creates, some of which indicate the way in which he is poisoning Vetinari ("Lampe au poisson" - Lamp of poison). His trademark linguistic trait is "ahah".

His vital status is unknown; he was last seen locked in the palace dungeon. However, it is quite likely that Vetinari has released him at some point owing to lack of evidence, and after recent events have calmed down, has quietly sent his regards (via a garlic-soaked wooden dagger) for the continued well-being of the city.