Artificers' Guild

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Led by Mr George Pony by the events of Thud!, the Artificers' Guild is a (self-) important Guild in the mighty twin city of Ankh-Morpork. It looks after the interests of those craftsmen and dwarves who are daily tinkering in sheds and workrooms, building what no-one else can with bizarre tools, and designing the future piece by piece. It is the artificers to whom people go if they need wood- or metalwork done: from clocks to tools to arms and armour, from benches and chairs to technomantic Devices that will change the world.

Most of the members of this Guild have shops along the Street of Cunning Artificers, where, during the events of Soul Music, the Troll Lias Bluestone (aka Cliff) sacrifices a diamond tooth in order to get Buddy's harp repaired - so cunningly that you cannot see the join.

Prominent Members

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