Technomantic Devices

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In the course of extensive digging and tunnelling underneath the Disc over a period of millenia, the Dwarfs have been puzzled to locate what are evidently made artefacts, randomly buried in millions of year old rock strata. These appear to have been made to serve specific purposes but have been, seemingly, randomly lost in the depths of the Disc. They might even predate the Disc itself.

Despite their age, these technomantic Devices still appear to function and have neither been corrupted nor degraded by the passage of time.

The dwarfs have revealed the existence of three different sorts of Device:

  • Cubes, which appear to function like solid-state tape recorders with a C525600 capacity. Far more reliable than a C120 as the "tape" has never been known to break nor get all fuzzy and distant because you haven't cleaned the recording head.
  • Axles which are two Cubes joined together so that one turns slowly and, importantly, unstoppably in relation to the other. This generates enough power to run an entire Dwarf city all on its own, a fact not lost to the Patrician after Mr. Pony of the Artificers' Guild demonstrates its potential.
  • The "Average Bar" - as yet undescribed. All we know is that it has some application toward the production and/or preparation of food and beverages, as the Dwarfs in Ankh-Morpork found it handy for catering purposes.

Dwarfs always sound the capital "D" in "Device".