Bad Blintz

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A town in Überwald which, when Maurice and the Rat-Clan arrive there, already seemingly has a plague of rats. But things are not what they seem... This town features in The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents, and according to Maurice, the name means "Bath Blintz", supposedly because they are proud they have a bath. It is run by a mayor, Mr Grim, and a town council. They had a small watch, consisting of just two officers. By the end of the story, there have been some changes to this arrangement. Bad Blintz is not to be confused with Blintz, a small city higher up the valley of the Blintz.


A blintz, or blini, is a potato pancake wrapped around a filling, possibly cream cheese and smoked fish. [1]. A bad one would be something you would remember for all the wrong reasons for some days afterwards.

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