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Blintz is a small city higher up the valley of the Blintz, and is not to be confused with Bad Blintz, a small and picturesque town renowned for its unique Human-Rat arrangement. Blintz is renowned for the number, duration, and quality of its thunderstorms, and lightning is said to strike here far more frequently than anywhere else on the Disc. As a result, it is a centre of excellence for the Igor clans and may well be the heart of Igordom on the Disc. Or one of them. The local hospital is Disc-renowned, and the city hosts a research institution, the Institue of Creative Biology. Blintz also houses the libraries and archives of Igordom, what is described as the long-term repository and lending mausoleum of the Igors. Records dating back for thousands of years are kept here. It is also known as the Who Do You Think You Were archive.