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We don't know much about this subject island of the Agatean Empire (Interesting Times), except that its unusual flora includes the sledgehammer plant, one of the Disc's carnivorous plants.

The island fulfills the role of Borneo on our world, in as much as it is large, covered in jungle, and home to the orangutan. It is also the site of the death of explorer Sir Roderick Purdeigh, after he yelled at a "native" and jabbed him with his walking stick in an attempt to make him stand up straight and say something other than "ook".

It appears unusual in the economics of the disc in that it uses the Silver Standard to base its money. This is unpopular in other areas who use gold (which does not tarnish).

Also mentioned once in both Thud! andThe Truth.

Bhangbhangduc has its own distinct ethnic cuisine, encountered via Feeney Upshot's grandparents in Snuff. Examples include

  • Bang Suck Duck (swede and chips optional)
  • Man Dog Suck Po ( with mashed carrots, but only as a Sunday special)


The Truth. Thud!, (Interesting Times), Snuff


Bhang. Bhang. Duc(k).


Bang. Kock.

As in the capital of Thailand on Roundworld. Perhaps the second 'bhang' is there for emphasis?

Also a very vague memory of "bhang" or "bang" meaning "cannabis" in one of the Indian subcontinent languages. Perhaps a second level of punning here?

Also to the Eastern dish, Peking Duck? (or, more likely, Bang Bang Chicken)

The President of Indonesia is Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Also a bhangmeter is a type of sensor used to detect nuclear explosions, two "bhangs" (ie a double flash) and it's likely to be a nuke going off: Bang! Bang! Duck! ?