Big Ted

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The largest, ugliest, dirtiest Biker of the Repocalypse, and the one most prone to displays of needless physical violence. His alias in the great ride down the M6 in Good Omens is Grievous Bodily Harm.

At first disposed to psychotic violence by the sight of a mere female (War) in bike leathers and raiding a bike as if she's entitled to it or something, a neuron or two are fired into attention by the Tall Dark Stranger who has hitherto been cleaning up on the Trivial Pursuit machine. As Big Ted is a Blue Öyster Cult fan, he recognises the tall dark stranger instantly owing to his guest appearance on an LP sleeve... and thus are born the Four Other Riders Of The Apocalypse


Big Ted is the name of one of the teddy bears on the long-running BBC childrens' TV show Play School.

The Blue Öyster Cult LP sleeve referred to could be Secret Treaties (1974) where the group are posed alongside a German ME-262 fighter jet of 1943. (Heavy metal stompfest ME-262 is also the LP's big setpiece number). But who is that rather under-nourished looking pilot in the cockpit? (The band's hooked cross logo adorns the plane where the original had German crosses and swastikas: the Chronos symbol is also associated with Death, and makes him a natural pilot.)

Thee is also the live LP Some Enchanted Evening from 1977, where Death (and Binky) are posed dramatically against a desert skyline. The harness and tack are seen to be decorated with the Chronos logo which appears as bridle, bit, linking piece, et c.

Death also appears on the 1990's "greatest hits" LP, Cult Classics, in a very telling manner that makes the observer wonder if the band members have read Reaper Man and are returning a compliment for several plugs in the Discworld canon.