Blodwen Rhysdaughter

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Or possibly Blodwen Rhysdottir. Or even Blodwen mab Rhys. It depends which school of Dwarfs you ask. She is the new Low Queen of the Dwarfs, in fact the very first Low Queen. Formerly the monarch known as Rhys Rhysson, it is possible the Low Queen took the name Blodwen to honour the first victim of the Deep-Downers and the rogue Grag Ardent, in their bid for power and to turn the clock back.


The patronymic Rhysdottir appears to borrow from the naming convention of Faeroese and Icelandic, the culture of the latter being unusual in that patronymics are still used in preference to conventional surnames.

Possibly the highest-profile Icelandic woman's name is Björk Guðmundsdóttir which perfectly illustrates the form, she being the daughter of Guðmundur Gunnarsson and Hildur Rúna Hauksdóttir