Bloodaxe and Ironhammer

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Bloodaxe and Ironhammer is a dwarf opera about the love story of B'hrian Bloodaxe and Ironhammer, who forged the Scone of Stone. The opera is performed in The Fifth Elephant, and that performance was attended by Sybil Ramkin who states that she sang the part of Bloodaxe as a girl. In "The Fifth Elephant" Lady sybil sings the part of bloodaxe to avoid trouble from dwarves. Ironhammer killed himself when the traitor Slogram told of the death of Bloodaxe, a message which turned out to be untrue. Bloodaxe died after the Battle of Koom Valley, trapped in a cave with the king of the Trolls. As with all dwarf relationships it is difficult to tell their gender, and so both are referred to as a he.


The epic story of star-crossed lovers has appeared countless times. Shades of Romeo & Juliet and - more likely - Tristan und Isolde.

R&J has spawned at least 24 operas