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A Screenplay
Co-author(s) Neil Gaiman
Publisher Hill House
Publication date 2004
ISBN [1]
Pages 146
Main characters Aziraphale, Crowley, Adam Young
Series Good Omens
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All data relates to the first UK edition.

A Screenplay is an adaptation of Good Omens written by Neil Gaiman and produced by Hill House; Terry Pratchett did not help to write this book. This book was not sold and was only available to people who subscribed to Hill House's 'Authors Preferred Series.' 552 copies were produced, 52 of the books were 'Lettered Editions' numbered with Roman Numerals and issued in a deluxe box. All books were signed by Neil Gaiman.


The contents of this book are an abridged version of Good Omens, adapted for a potential movie version of the novel; as such the book is mostly dialogue with a few directions for actors and effects.


Boxed normal edition
Lettered Edition Box
Lettered Edition Box-Contents

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