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Good Omens
DVD Cover
ASIN [1]
IMDB 1869454
First Broadcast 31st May 2019
Broadcast Channel Amazon Prime, BBC Two
Director(s) Douglas Mackinnon
Producer(s) Neil Gaiman, Caroline Skinner, Chris Sussman, Rob Wilkins, Rod Brown
Writer(s) Neil Gaiman
Starring Michael Sheen, David Tennant, Sam Taylor Buck
Duration 360 minutes
Episodes 6
Series Good Omens
Annotations Annotations for TV and Film:Good Omens
Preceded by Troll Bridge
Followed by The Watch
All data relates to the UK home release.

Good Omens is a tv series adaptation of the novel Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, created from a joint venture between, the BBC, Narrativia and The Blank Corporation. There were some other previous attempts to adapt Good Omens including a film that was to be directed by Terry Gilliam and a screenplay written by Neil Gaiman; however the series finally came about as a request from Terry to Neil soon before his passing, as it was a project that the two had wanted to see for a long time. The series also includes extra material added to the story from ideas that the authors had that did not make it into the book as well as ideas that could have been in a possible sequel.

On 29th June 2021 Neil Gaiman and Amazon Prime announced that a second season of Good Omens was in production; the plot of this season would be based off of notes written about a possible sequel to the book which had the working title of '668: The Neighbour of the Beast.'

On 10 May 2023, it was announced via an elaborate parody video by The Hillywood Show (featuring Neil Gaiman and cast from the show itself) that the second season of six episodes would be released on 23 July 2023. This was followed by new promotional artwork for the new season, featuring the tagline "Everyday its a-getting closer".


Season One

The End of the World is coming, which means a fussy Angel and a loose-living Demon who've become overly fond of life on Earth are forced to form an unlikely alliance to stop Armageddon. But they have lost the Antichrist, an 11-year-old boy unaware he's meant to bring upon the end of days, forcing them to embark on an adventure to find him and save the world before it's too late.

Season Two

Not yet revealed.



Season One

Supplementary Books

Two additional companion books were produced alongside the series:

Also The Definitive Good Omens contains some artwork inspired by the series.

The Chattering Order of St. Beryl

As a part of an advertising campaign for the series, The Chattering Order of St. Beryl launched a website and several social media accounts in order to count down to the Apocalypse.

Differences Between The Book And Series

Spoiler Warning

Some of the differences between the series and its source material include:

  • The episodes have narration provided by God.
  • Greasy Johnson and the Johnsonites are not mentioned.
  • The Four Other Riders Of The Apocalypse have been omitted.*
  • Anathema Device is American and from a wealthy family (thanks to her ancestors prophecies).
  • Aziraphale and Crowley appear to the Dowlings as a nanny and gardener but not as tutors in later years.
  • Warlock Dowling's birthday scene was shortened without the jelly/gun incident.
  • The Them do not use a dunking stool when pretending to be inquisitors, a tyre swing is used instead and Wensleydale replaces Pepper's sister.
  • The third episode contains a segment that gives greater detail to Aziraphale and Crowley's past, showing them meeting at various points of history and in different areas of the world.
  • The rain of fish is absent.
  • Additional characters that were not present in the book such as the angels and historical figures have been added.
  • Crowley's Holy Water was given to him by Aziraphale.
  • Hastur personally meets Warlock Dowling on the Megiddo Plains where he discovers that he is not the Antichrist.
  • Some of Agnes Nutters prophecies have been updated to fit with the time period and some additional prophecies have been added.
  • In the final episode there is an additional sequence which shows how Aziraphale and Crowley deal with their respective sides after averting the Apocalypse.
  • Inside Aziraphale's restored bookshop he finds several new Just William books, a nod to the inspiration for The Them.

*However a 'Regrettably Deleted Sequence' concerning these characters is present in the script book.

Good Omens: Lockdown

On May 1st 2020 a short voice-over vignette, 'Good Omens: Lockdown' was released on Terry Pratchett's Youtube Channel to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Good Omens, with David Tennant and Michael Sheen reprising their roles from the TV series. The short comprises of a phone-call between Aziraphale and Crowley who are isolating at home in accordance with government guidelines due to the coronavirus pandemic.


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