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For the place see Death's Domain

Death's Domain: A Discworld Mapp
Co-author(s) Paul Kidby
Illustrator(s) Paul Kidby
Publisher Corgi
Publication date May 1999
ISBN 0552146722
Pages 32
RRP £4.99
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Series Maps
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All data relates to the first UK edition.


The house that Death built...and the garden too.


It's no more than a breath away...

Everyone needs a place to relax after a long day, after all. So here is the place where the Grim Reaper can kick back and take the load off his scythe. Here's the golf course that's not so much crazy as insane, and the useless maze, and the dark gardens - all brought (incongruously) to life. And here, for the first time ever, you will find out the reason why Death can't under- stand rockeries, and what happens to garden gnomes.

As Death rides Binky into the sunset (of other people's lives), you can at last see what he gets up to when he's not at work.

About the mapp

The authors have gone through the books mentioning Death's home (Reaper Man, Mort), collected all information and tried the impossible, namely to map an impossible place. The map does not show the interior of Death's house, because the size of the rooms is more or less optional to the inhabitants. Instead the grounds are shown including such places as the famous maze, the golf course (with space time anomalies) and the lawn of pitiless infinity and tennis. The color of the map is mainly purple with shades of black and ivory.

Like all the other maps Death's Domain is great at bringing back the memories one had while reading the original books. Unlike the other maps, however, it is not intended to be an orientation for a certain area on the Disc. Whereas it can be great to have The Streets of Ankh-Morpork lying besides you while reading any books of the Watch Series, Death's Domain is more a collection of Discworld facts combined with some great artwork by Paul Kidby.

The Key

  1. The Hill(s) of Night
  2. The Gazebo (Death thought it sounded interesting and was quite disappointed to find that it wasn't some kind of antelope)
  3. The Winter Garden
  4. The Stream of Unconsciousness
  5. Bee Hives
  6. Orchard
  7. Susan's Swing
  8. The Chicken Arks of Regular Eggs (Real Chickens, and Albert insisted that shouldn't be allowed to go skeletal, because they would look very strange when they lay)
  9. Well of Souls
  10. The Wood of Silence (good for Primroses)
  11. The bridge of just being useful to cross the stream (of Unconsciousness)
  12. The Maze of Unforgetfulness
  13. The Lawn of Pitiless Infinity and Tennis
  14. The Formal Pond Garden of Dreadful Night
  15. Rose Garden
  16. Technically the Parterre Garden, bus generally known as 'the Knobbly Bush Garden'
  17. Stables (home of Binky and Ysabell's pony)
  18. Flower Garden
  19. The Vegetable Garden of all Climates and Seasons
  20. Potting Shed
  21. The Pineapple Pit
  22. Albert's Compost Heaps
  23. Topiary Garden
  24. Albert's Workshop
  25. The Wheel of Albert's Laundry
  26. The Unimpressive and Rather Small Ravine
  27. Grindstone
  28. Non-temporal multi-spacial Crazy Golf
  29. The Lawn of Eternal Wandering and Crocuet
  30. Sundial of Uselessness
  31. The Pointy Tree Avenue
  32. The Boating Lake
  33. Boat House
  34. The very dull and authentic rockery
  35. Ornamental Fish Pond
  36. Lily Beds


Other stuff

  • Fourth map in the series of Discworld mapps
  • Originally published in Great Britain by Corgi.
    Copyright (c) 1999 by Terry Pratchett / Paul Kidby.
  • Black and white illustrations and map artwork by Paul Kidby