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Mr. Bunnsy has an Adventure
Cover art by Heiko Hentschel
Illustrator(s) Heiko Hentschel
Publisher [[]]
Publication date 9th January 2023
ISBN Unknown
RRP £20.00
Main characters Mr Bunnsy
Series Children's books
Annotations View
All data relates to the first UK edition.

Mr. Bunnsy has an Adventure is a special facsimile edition of Mr Bunnsy Has An Adventure, a book published on the Discworld. Specifically it's based on the version from the animated feature film adaptation The Amazing Maurice.


Follow Mr. Bunnsy as he embarks upon a perilous journey that only the residents of Furry Bottom can save him from.

This facsimile publication has been created to celebrate the release of The Amazing Maurice. Fully illustrated by Heiko Hentschel, the concept artist who designed the book in the film, and carefully modelled after the on-screen tome, this artefact is the perfect addition to any Discworld collection. It might also be just the thing if you lead a small group of educated rodents seeking a better existence...


  • Mr Bunnsy
  • Ratty Rupert
  • Olly the Snake


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