Mr Bunnsy Has An Adventure

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Mr Bunnsy Has An Adventure was a "stupid book for ickle kids" according to Malicia Grim, which failed to have any social sub-texts or commentary, but did have animals dressed in human clothes and "everything was so nice and cosy it makes you absolutely sick". It starred Mr Bunnsy and his friends Ratty Rupert, Olly the Snake and so on.

However, for the rats of The Clan, especially for Dangerous Beans and Peaches, it was their spiritual guidance: a vision of utopia where rats and humans could live in harmony and where traps weren't put down and poison wasn't laid.

When Dangerous Beans and Peaches overheard Malicia's comments it was too much to bear, but they realised that a happy medium could exist, between the childishness of the book and the harmonious existence of its message. The outcome is there for all to see in Bad Blintz.


A parody of all Roundworld children's books that have anthropomorphised animals that wear clothes, talk and generally act like furry humans, but I suspect its primary target is the Peter Rabbit series by Beatrix Potter.

There is also the surprise novelty hit single in Britain' of some years ago:

The bravest animals in the land are Captain Beaky and his band,

That's Timid Toad, Reckless Rat, Artful Owl and Batty Bat ;

They march through the woodlands singing songs,

That tell how they have righted wrongs;

Once Hissing Sid, an evil snake, kept the woodland folk awake,

In fear and trembling every night,

In case he gave someone a bite....

(l. Jeremy Lloyd, m. Jim Parker)