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The Long Mars
Co-author(s) Stephen Baxter
Publisher Doubleday
Publication date June 2014
ISBN 0857520091
RRP £18.99
Main characters Sally Linsay, Willis Linsay
Series The Long Earth Series
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Notes with Stephen Baxter
All data relates to the first UK edition.

The Long Earth is in chaos. The cataclysmic Yellowstone eruption is shutting down civilization. Whole populations flee to the safety of myriad stepwise Earths...


Races and concepts


  • Doubleday p106: A sentient talking dog. With a jaundiced view of the human race. Called Brian. Is he also a Family Guy?

Chapter fifteen features an intelligent civilisation of crabs, or at least crustacean entities, who have developed agriculture, herding, cities, wars, religion and other forms of live sacrifice, and a strict social heirarchy. See Authors' Note.

Authors' Note, page 359

"Some of the ideas behind the Great Leap Sideways episode in Chapter Fifteen originally featured in The Science of Discworld..."


The retailer Waterstones exclusive 'Metallic' edition contained the extra epilogue 'An Epilogue: At The Home.'

A Presidential Speech: Based on 'The Long Mars' by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter a short story based on the novel released on the stories page of Stephen Baxter's website.


First Edition Cover by Rich Shailer
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Slipcase Collectors Edition
Metallic Edition
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