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Stephen Baxter
Stephen Baxter.jpg
Name Stephen Baxter
Race Human
Age b. 13th November 1957 CE
Occupation Author
Physical appearance
Residence Northumberland, England
Marital Status

Stephen Baxter is an English Hard-Science Fiction author. He was born in Liverpool, England and has degrees in mathematics, physics and business administration, he worked as a teacher of maths and physics and is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society. He became a full time author in 1995 and co-authored the 'Long Earth' series with Terry Pratchett.

Notable Works


Non Fiction:

  • Deep Future, 2001
  • Revolutions in the Earth, 2003

The Long Earth Series

Stephen Baxter worked with Terry Pratchett on the Long Earth series of novels up until 2014, after Terry passed away in 2015 Stephen Baxter finished and released the last two novels in the series. The series was based on a short story by Terry Pratchett called The High Meggas.

On the stories section of his website Stephen released several excerpts and original short fiction relating to the Long Earth novels:

  • The Long Earth: First Person Singular
  • The Long War: Frank and the Dream
  • The Long Mars: A Presidential Speech
  • The Long Utopia: Lobsang and Agnes in New Springfield
  • The Long Cosmos: At the Core

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