Borborygmic Lane

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Described in Men at Arms as an "alley that was so narrow as to be barely visible", with damp green moss-covered walls, barely wide enough to allow Carrot to pass along without scraping his shoulders.

Apparently not a lot of people know it's there, nor are aware that it allows a way of getting quickly from Upper Broad Way to Zephire Street without having to go an inconveniently long way round. The key, apparently, is Borborygmic Lane, which connects Mormius Street (leading off Broad Way) to Whilom Alley (leading to Zephire).

This allows Carrot a chance to unhurriedly apprehend Here'n'now after a bodged theft at an un-named pub on Upper Broad Way, all the time instructing new recruit Angua von Uberwald on aspects of police craft.


Borborygmus is defined as "the rumbling noise made by gas as it travels through the intestines"...