Bows and Ammo

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One of a burgeoning number of pioneering magazines on the Disc, "Bows and Ammo" is likely to be one of an ilk described as poorly printed on cheap paper, with smeary off-centred woodcut illustrations, and usually with the publisher's name being not far away from C.M.O.T. Dibbler. Known subscribers include Nobby Nobbs, Shawn Ogg and Ossie Brunt, although the latter's subscription would appear to have been abruptly cancelled (see Jingo).

The back numbers of this and related magazines found underneath Ossie's bed have no doubt been taken away and logged by the Watch as evidence, and may be found stored in one of Nobby's rooms at Pseudopolis Yard, no doubt kept safely for when they are needed in court.


An obvious take on the Roundworld Guns & Ammo.