Ossie Brunt

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Ossie Brunt was a would-be freelance assassin. Friends, if he had any, might have described him as a quiet sort who kept himself to himself. But he kept himself to himself so well that he didn't have any friends. He is not a stupid man, rather one who thought a lot about things and how he could make an impact on things. He went to archery practice at the butts every Tuesday and once saved up to buy a round of drinks for his fellow archers. Even so, he was the sort of man to leave an Ossie Brunt shaped void in the memory. Very much, in fact, a Lone Bowman.

He worked as an odd-job man and spent his pay on magazines of the Bows and Ammo type (not to mention Warrior of Fortune and Practical Siege Weapons), as well as on the very best bow that money could buy. This apparently took precedence over fripperies like paying the rent, something his landlady Mrs. Spent deplored, frequently and loudly. In fact, the bow was a Burleigh and Stronginthearm Sureshotte Five which was a bit of a bad buy, as he could hardly draw back the bowstring, a fact noted by Vimes and Carrot Ironfoundersson

A quantity of Klatchian money was found in his room - he probably really had intended to pay Mrs. Spent her overdue rent by noon - but events, like being found at the bottom of the Barbican with a broken neck, intervened. It became clear that Ossie, a man with the upper-body strength of Nobby Nobbs, was being set up as the fall-guy for a second bowman, who in fact shot from the fifth-floor window of the Book Depository at Unseen University.


Ossie is usually a contraction of the name "Oswald". All it needs now is a grassy knoll....

And in case you're not familiar with this particular American mythology, read through an article on the Kennedy asassination