Brookless Lane

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This road is in the upmarket Ankh Hill area. It begins at the crossroads of Chrononhotonthologos Street where it crosses The Ridings, and runs around the base of the Tump until it turns sharply widdershins at the Spa Lane/Hopesprings intersection and becomes Brookless End, leading to Hen & Chickens Field. The Streets of Ankh-Morpork gives no indication of the nature or purpose of the buildings around it, nor of the side streets that either connect it to Pallant or Seven Sleepers on the widdershins side, or the side streets to the turnwise that soon peter out on the lower slopes of the Tump. But we know from the books that this is most probably one of the most prestigious and high-rent areas of the city, and therefore the buildings marked on the Mappe are likely to be luxury mansions and other high-prestige addresses, such as overseas embassies. The Compleat Ankh-Morpork notes that there is a pub or hostelry on the corner with Grass-Grown Avenue..