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The Bugarup University (BU) is a University for Wizards in Bugarup, and one of the top (possibly only) higher-education institution on the continent of XXXX, much the same way that the Unseen University is the top school around the Circle Sea. Bugarup University has a Dean and other faculty members, and students, and a Tower, just like Unseen University. Unlike Unseen wizards, however, Bugarup wizards seem to be somewhat more amiable and cooperative among themselves. At least, during their brief appearance in The Last Continent, they spend far less time arguing among themselves than Unseen wizards would. This is likely due to the influence of the No Worries attitude of the Ecksians. Indeed, the BU motto is "Nullus Anxietas". (Closely followed by Nullae Sheilae Sanguinae)

The BU Archchancellor is Bill Rincewind. It is his opinion that he and the UU wizzard Rincewind must be at least distant cousins. Rincewind welcomes the idea. Bill seems much more fortunate than this distant cousin by having a first name and, of course, making it to the top position of a magical University.

The University building is built from corrugated iron sheets and wood like many other buildings on XXXX. Because of this use of materials, students go in and out after hours via a loose sheet in a side alley (as opposed to Unseen University, where students remove the bricks). The tower of the university did not look as impressive as the Unseen University's Tower of Art but it was higher at the top than at the bottom, which gave you an impressive view from the top of the low tower of corrugated iron. Following the events related in The Last Continent, the Tower may have been rebuilt since, lower and better...

It is also mentioned in Reaper Man that the wizards of XXXX, 'who wear corks around their pointy hats and live on nothing but prawns', actually surf on the sluggish Discworld light of dawn as it rolls in from space, while it is still wild and untamed.

Since the events of The Last Continent a student exchange program may have been set up between UU and BU. Archancellor Ridcully offered 'six of our students in exchange for a decent lawnmower'. Young student Ecksians eager to see the world might well take him up on the offer.

As of Unseen Academicals the wizards at UU have become accustomed to the existence of a rival school for wizardry and Ridcully and Bill Rincewind frequently exchange letters. Ridcully can also tolerate the head of BU calling himself 'archancellor' because he's on a separate continent a long way away. The rise of Brazeneck College in the neighbouring city of Pseudopolis is another matter however...

-The Faculty-


Bugarup University seems like a distant relative of Monty Python's University of Woolloomooloo, right down to the compulsory beer-drinking (Rule Two). Rules One, Three, Five and Seven seem not to be enforced though, although the graffiti "B Smoth is a pozza" comes as no surprise to the Faculty, who have long suspected pozza-hood in their Dean. Perhaps the nearby presence of so many militant female impersonators is a deterrent to voicing such rules openly...