By The Wall

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By The Wall runs G6-H6 on the The Compleat Ankh-Morpork map. It runs off Green Goose Lane*(G6) shortly before its junction with Goose Gate and connects to Kicklebury Street opposite its junction with Marsh Lane.

The Guild of Archaeologists, Antiquarians and Tomb Evacuators‎ is based here, at no. 27b.

The reason this fairly minor street is given an article of its own is because, on the city map extract that appears in the endpapers of Night Watch, it was (possibly in a moment of whimsy, and why not, he drew it) given the name of Stephen Briggs Street.1 Evidently an editorial revision took place and a more Discworldian name was attached to it. Shame, really.

1 But see the demurrer in Talk:Elsewhere Alley.