Goose Gate

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A street and the small square at its end half-way from the river to Limping Gate in Widdershins Morpork. Its lower end is one branch of Five Ways. Like the Dark Gate it may be the relic of an older city wall - one of Terry's "onion skins" - overtaken by time and the growth of a city. No actual gate exists to be seen now and all that remains is the name plus an adjacent stretch of much-graffiti'd redundant wall. By The Wall leads off nearby the Gate and runs parallel. The Lady Sybil Free Hospital is found at the intersection of Kicklebury Street.

In Hogfather, Banjo Lilywhite is known as the Goose Gate grabber (a pun, since goose is slang for "to pinch on the butt").

This area hosts a daily poultry market.