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The distilled wisdom of the ancients manifesting as prettily coloured pasteboard.

Rincewind once drew the Death card four or five times in succession. He wasn't surprised. However, the woman reading his cards was, as there should only be one Death in every pack. (ref.The Light Fantastic)

Keli drew the Death card 3 times in succession in Mort, which was reasonable, as she was dead at the time (she got better).

Caroc is not organized in exactly the same way as a normal 78 card Roundworld Tarot deck. It has a Major Arcana (trump cards) and eight suits, different to our four suits. There are Elephants, Turtles, Octograms, Coins, Crowns, Swords, Cups and Sceptres. Each Minor suit goes in this order: Ace, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Knave, Knight, Queen, King.

Other known Caroc cards:


The Roundworld Tarot deck has the Minor Arcana suits of Pentacles (Octagrams?), Cups, Swords and Wands (Sceptres?). The Major Arcana does include the Moon, Death, and the Star. The Importance of Washing the Hands is clearly a parody of the 'muse' tarot cards of Justice, Temperance, Strength and Judgement.

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