Chas Slumber

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Name Chas Slumber
Race Human
Age 30-something
Occupation Entertainer
Physical appearance Only seen as a corpse, smelling of alcohol with sausages around his neck
Residence Ankh-Morpork
Death Choked to death on his own swazzel
Marital Status
Books Theatre of Cruelty

Chas Slumber worked as a one-man entertainer in Ankh-Morpork running a puppet show for local children but using live gnomes as the cast. An unpleasant man, he frequently got drunk on the profits and would hit the gnomes with his stick. He died when he choked on his swazzel (a small device that goes in your mouth to make the voices for the puppet show) when he was drunk and angry with the gnomes. His body was later found by the watch, and appeared to have been beaten, bitten by two animals and with sausages wrapped around his neck. His unexplained death was solved by corporal Carrot who had the simple1 idea of asking Death to help with their enquiries given that he would have been present for the event.

(1) Simple, but not the same as stupid. Simple as a sword or an ambush is simple.