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Chidder, as drawn by Matt Smith
Race Human
Occupation Graduate of the Assassins' Guild, and pirate
Physical appearance Deeply cool and suave
Residence Aboard an incredibly fast ship
Parents Father is a "merchant" of 30% legitimate commerce
Marital Status
Books Pyramids

Chidder was a fellow student and member of Viper House at the Assassins' Guild with Teppic. He passed the course, and the next time Teppic met him he was aboard a "merchant" ship that was as black as night, as sharp as a nail, as slippery as oil on water and as fast as greased lightning. He was surrounded by expensive comestibles, looking as sharp as a page of Oscar Wilde witticisms rolled up into a point, dipped in lemon juice and stabbed in your eye. He appears to now be engaged in the family business--30% of which is "honest commerce." The balance being smuggling, privateering, and the like.

In some societies, the Chidder family business might be prosecuted on various financial and criminal grounds and the principals locked away for long terms (or short terms; see Daniel Trooper). The Patrician, however, lives by his motto: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. As long as Chidder Logistics pays some taxes on its "30% legitimate business", keeps the smuggling to a tolerable level, confines privateering to appropriate targets, and makes its resources available to the City when necessary, he seems willing to tolerate the operation.

Interestingly, when Teppic met Chidder for the first time at the Assassins' Guild, Chidder had already been in Guild training for a year and gave Teppic his "experienced" insights into the training program. However, Chidder and and Teppic took their practical exam on the same night. Either Teppic excelled or Chidder needed an extra year to complete the training. (Considering what we know of Mr. Chidder's interests and expertise, he might have taken a year out to study with the Brothers of Cool.)