Child's Painting Land

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alt Painting by Laura aged 5, 1956
alt Painting by Laura aged 5, 1956

This land, in Hogfather, is depicted as a simplified land with, against all common sense, a yellow sun, green grass, brown trees with green leaves and red apples, and the general features of a small child's crayon drawing of a landscape, filled with the vivid and primary colors that common sense and adulthood convince most humans are nonexistent. Susan and Bilious travel here in search of a Tooth Fairy and Mr. Teatime, Susan noting that there is no boundary or intermediate space between the sky and grass, instead the space between having a nothingness that was the visual equivalent of a loose tooth.

The house in the 'painting' has four windows and a door, curly smoke being seen to come out of the chimney. With the possible dissolution of the original Bogeyman the Painting Land may have ceased to exist, though the continued presence of Violet Bottler, Bilious, and Banjo Lilywhite in the Tower may provide enough raw belief to keep the world extant.

In the image, painted in 1956 by Laura aged 5, the house has four windows, but two of them are hidden by optional ivy.