Chocolate Museum

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Situated on Vodorny square in the thriving multi-cultural and multi-ethnic city of Bonk, the Chocolate Museum celebrates, well, chocolate in all its many and varied forms. Or at least, those known and recognised in Überwald. the advertising boasts

A wonderful collection of artefacts including chocolate kettles, a lifesized chocolate soldier, chocolate armour, chocolate roses amd a definitive selection of chocolate buttons of all sizes and shapes including toggles, flats, wheels, studs, high tops, filigrees and frogs. The chocolate fountain in the basement may be booked in advance for childrens' parties. (N.B. - no vampires.)

The reference to "chocolate armour" sounds as if this is an exercise in glorious futility, until the visitor realises this is a place where Dwarf Chocolate is prized. Dwarf Chocolate has much in common with Dwarf Bread and makes equally formidable armaments. It is just possible it has worthwhile properties as armour too.