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Name Christine
Race Human
Age young
Occupation (terrible) Opera Singer
Physical appearance attractive ingenue
Residence Ankh-Morpork
Marital Status S
Books Maskerade

Christine is the young and beautiful prima donna who cannot sing at all!! She speaks in exclamations, and is the envy of all the old, waspish types who inhabit the Opera House, the object of adoration by elderly male habituees of the opera and just the type to attract the attention of the Opera Ghost!!

She has "star quality" according to Seldom Bucket, but what she doesn't have, to the chagrin of Dr Undershaft, is a singing voice!!! Instead, it is arranged that she performs the roles of various characters in Opera, such as Iodine, but doesn't actually sing them!! This is left to the outrageously vocally-gifted Agnes Nitt who otherwise has all the star quality of a wheelie-bin!!

Christine attracts the venomous hatred of Dame Timpani the previous prima donna at the Opera House!! She also attracts the Opera Ghost who tries to teach her through the moving mirror in her room and leaves her dead roses (which is a Roundworld Rolling Stones song)!!

Presumably she is still at the Opera House, but equally presumably, she is either still acting without singing or doing background work now that the new Musical Director is in charge!!!


She is an airheaded parody of the more competent Roundworld Christine Daaé from The Phantom of the Opera!!