Countess de Magpyr

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Countess de Magpyr
Name Countess de Magpyr
Race Vampire
Age middle-aged (for a Vampire)
Physical appearance
Residence Escrow, Überwald
Death not a problem
Children Son Vlad, Daughter Lacrimosa
Marital Status m to the Count de Magpyr
Books Carpe Jugulum

Wife of the Count de Magpyr she was a human who was turned to a Vampire when the Count became infatuated with her in his younger days, whilst she was wearing a nightdress on a balcony. She travelled with him during his attempt for a "bloodless" takeover of Lancre.

While attempting to get Magrat and her baby, who had sealed themselves in a locked room, the countess used the vampire trick of turning into mist, and flowed through the key-hole. At this point her plan went wrong due to Magrat holding a bottle over the keyhole, colleting the mist, fitting a cork and dropping the bottle down the privy.

Count de Magpyr was not too worried be her loss, reasoning that the bottle will eventually be found and opened. However this could take many years.