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The town of Cranbury is a halt on the railway, on the Hubwards side of Sto Kerrig. Mrs Georgina Bradshaw notes that as a former staging-post on the coach road, it is geared up to the idea of servicing passengers in transit, and rose to the challenge of being a busy station at the junction of two rail lines. A local delicacy is pickled bottled cabbage which was formerly carted to many further destinations. Now industrialised and using tin cans manufactured in Swine Town, Cranbury Cabbage is now available over a far greater area.

Do not try to go near Smirk Hall. this isn't a case of Don'tgonearthe Castle. They're not a pleasant family.

The preceding stop downline is High Mouldering, and if you aren't going to Great Slack, passengers change here for Sto Helit.

It contains a clacks tower where Vimes sent word to Vetinari about the capture of grag spies on the railroad, in Raising Steam, p. 287.