Curry Gardens

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Located at the corner of God Street and Blood Alley in Ankh-Morpork, this is Death's favourite curry house. He took Mort here for an informal supper right at the start of his apprenticeship (Mort)

By the time of Soul Music, it is clear the staff know his favourites and are commendably quick at assembling his preferred take-away. As in the case of the discreet pest-control man who arrives in an unmarked van to deal with those little problems that even the best-run kitchen encounters from time to time, dinner is generally on the house.

A sample menu might include:

  • Curry with Vegetable 8p
  • Curry with Sweat, and sore Balls of Pig, 10p
  • Curry with Sweat, and Sour, Balls of Fish, 10p
  • Curry with Meat 10p
  • Curry with Named Meat 15p

Extra Curry 5p Porn Cracker 4p

Eat it here

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