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Dijabringabeeralong is one of the bigger towns on the continent XXXX. Instead of a welcome billboard, the sign on a windmill by the roadside upon entering the town says: "Dijabringabeeralong: Check Your Weapons" (ie 'Check that they work.').

Seemingly something like the "one-horse" towns of the old American West, the town seems to consist mainly of a street with houses that would probably be described as "vernacular" architecture on the Disc. It also has a bar.

It lies on the Lassitude River, where an annual Regatta is held that attracts a lot of attention. Usually consisting of a race of wheeled boats pulled by camels on the sand, it was cancelled during the events of The Last Continent. It was felt that a river full of water made a mockery of the whole event.


Just say it real slowly...

The argument between Wally the wombat and Rincewind has overtones of Eric Idle's Australian Wino Society sketch.

"Old Smokey 1968 has been compared favourably to a Welsh claret, whilst the Australian Wino Society thoroughly recommends a 1970 Coq du Rod Laver, which, believe me, has a kick on it like a mule: eight bottles of this and you're really finished. At the opening of the Sydney Bridge Club, they were fishing them out of the main sewers every half an hour.

Of the sparkling wines, the most famous is Perth Pink. This is a bottle with a message in, and the message is 'beware'. This is not a wine for drinking, this is a wine for laying down and avoiding.

Another good fighting wine is Melbourne Old-and-Yellow, which is particularly heavy and should be used only for hand-to-hand combat."