Dolly Golightly

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Mrs Dolly Golightly is the neighbour of Marietta Cosmopilite and, in the Way of Lu-Tze, is the Embodiment of Evil and Darkness. She permits such evils as allowing her cat (a lesser servant of evil) to crap in Mrs Cosmopilite's flower beds. She has a lodger but Mrs Cosmopilite only has "only ever seen one pair of sheets on their line, and I call that disgusting when her poor husband's hardly been dead the past nine years!". Many Seekers have pondered this statement and the sage Wy-Won has written an 8000 word treatise on this statement, but none has yet understood it.

It may be deduced that an undeclared state of war exists across the garden fence.

In the small kingdom of Mutaran exists the Black Cult who follow Mrs Golightly in the same way as others do Mrs Cosmopilite.

(Source: the discworld diary: Lu-Tze's Yearbook of Enlightenment 2008, including the Way of Mrs Cosmopilite)


Mrs Golightly shares last names and almost first names with a very famous Roundworld film character. It is true that both own an unnamed cat, but there is no account of the cat in the film ever crapping in anyone's flower beds. What might this signify?