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Not the least un-notable thing about the somewhat canine Drosks is that they come in two sexes, eventually. It's just a matter of time, as they start out male, but become female for the last two-thirds of their lifespan. Drosks therefore have a complex social life and an even more complex religion involving the main sun and three principal moons. They find it hard to conceive a number greater than seven, but are still capable of building a machine-age civilization, which they then carefully dismantle in order to revert to barbarism. Apparently the Drosk homeworld, in a human-larynx approximation of their own language, is Quaducquakucckuaquekekecqac.

Drosks are cannibalistic - it's a part of the religion. But for all their differences, Drosks, Phnobes and men are like brothers, compared to Spooners, Sun-dogs and Tarquins.