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A race who have a lot in common with the Kung.

You would not want to pick a fight with one as the macho fighting instinct kicks in and every Phnobe in the vicinity will see it as his sworn duty to join in. Darven Samhedi, the security chief who replaced Korodore, learnt a lesson that lasted for the rest of his life when he dared enter a Phnobe bar whilst carrying a sidearm. This was provocation enough, but when he actually shot a Phnobe with his stunner, he lost, in short order, first most of the hand that was holding the stunner, and shortly afterwards, his life.

Those double-bladed tshuri knives are not just for show. Don't mess with Phnobes, and show respect.

Phnobes, by choice, live in their own ghetto on predominantly human worlds such as Widdershins. In the buruku, they live peaceably following their own rules and customs based on the Frss-Gnhs religion, which include the expensive importation of topsoil from the home planet of Phnobis, so that the buruku may be a part of Home. Samhedi's death - what on the Discworld would be called "suicide" - so tainted the soil that it needed to be dug clean and replaced totally with all according ritual. Dom Sabalos undertook to cover the phenomenal cost of this at the Family's expense.

Physically they have grey skin with very large eyes and small irises and ears flat to the head. They also have a second vestigal brain and socially they are structured as alpha males (primarily warriors), beta males (thinkers) and females (leaders).

Annotation, or perhaps a scholarly footnote on the development of Pratchett's writing

Knowing Pterry's distaste at being associated with capital-L Literature (in the sense of a dead thing to be dissected in English Lit classes, rather than a living thing to be read and enjoyed) this note will be kept brief. But both in description and manner, the Phnobe of The Dark Side of the Sun, written in 1976, are virtually identical with the Kung of Strata from 1981. In five years, the creation developed into the more rounded, developed, race of the Kung, one of whom takes a central role in Strata