Eustace Bassingly-Gore

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The Honourable Eustace Bassingly-Gore was an Assassin who foolishly accepted a contract on Sir Samuel Vimes some time before the events of The Fifth Elephant. He didn't succeed in his plot to poison Vimes' shaving cream, but was dispatched by Vimes to the distant country of Ghat via Cape Terror on the far side of Klatch, in the jungles (where his knowledge of rare poisons would be quite useful, but not as useful as a knowledge of antidotes) in chains on a boat. Vimes also paid for the captain AM$1000 not to take the chains off until Zambingo, using Bassingly-Gore's own money. Inigo Skimmer tells us that Bassingly-Gore was an extremely competent swordsman, but Vimes hadn't waited to find this out.