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Mentioned in The Fifth Elephant this is a port city located on the Rim Ocean coast of Howandaland. Sir Samuel Vimes sent the Assassin the Hon Eustace Bassingly-Gore to Ghat in chains, and paid the captain of the ship AM$1000 not to untie him until at least Zambingo. Known to be surrounded by jungles, where Bassingly-Gore's knowledge of poisons would undoubtedly be useful, but not as useful as a knowledge of antidotes... Also it is misspelled as 'Zabingo' on the map. The Compleat Discworld Atlas identifies Zambingo as the capital city of the Kingdom of Howondaland, and its resident ruler as King Samuel the fourth. Zambingo is a principal export centre for tobacco products grown in the Kingdom, and until quite recently imported Goblins to work in the tobacco fields. As this was done with the connivance of the King, it could be suggested that this is not entirely a pleasant place to live and work.