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This wiki has been criticised elsewhere for the perceived indifferent quality of the illustrations and artwork we have put together over the years to accompany the articles. While we can't change that overnight, at least we can post links to those sites where Pratchett fans have gone that extra step beyond fan-fiction, and have presented their images for public viewing.

It's important to stress that while these may not be commercial images in the Kidby, Kirby or Grant sense, they are still the intellectual property of their owners and cannot be reproduced here without the express permission of their creators. (I hope to be able to persuade a few people to allow us to reproduce their art, subject to the usual conditions.)

In the meantime, why not browse:-

Please be aware that as with Fan fiction, Sturgeon's Law applies:- in the absence of kindly editors, some of it will be from people who are to art and design what William McGonnagal was to poetry. But a goodly quantity of it is good, outstanding or even superlative. Browse and enjoy!

Also beware, unless your interests lie there (and who are we to judge), and especially if you're accessing the internet from work - there is a lot of Discworld fan-art out there, a LOT, which comes under the heading of Rule 34. If you think all the slash stuff about characters is pushing the written word a bit too far... well, some of it comes illustrated. Graphically so. You have been advised.

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