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Short films and productions created by fans. These films are of varying quality and none are technically professional works, several were created as projects for College/University work.

Mort (2001)

Mort is a short stop motion animation based on the book of the same name, by Orange Cow Productions, produced by Garrett Gilchrist. The film was created as a student project and the rights to the film are held by the University of Southern California. The plot covers the majority of the novel but the ending was rushed. An extended version was released on DVD using footage that was filmed but cut for time restrictions. (26 mins)

Wow! So you made a kind of movie of my book without asking me and now some damn university thinks they own all the rights to it? Really? Sounds like a great day in court!

...just kidding...

It sounds like fun, but even so, I don't want to see it. You'll probably look back on it in years to come and wish you hadn't shown me. Let it remains to glitter unseen. -Terry Pratchett

Mort on Youtube:

Lords and Ladies (2004)

Lords and Ladies is a live action adaptation by German theatre group Almost No Budget Productions, directed by Nicolas Mendrek and produced on the very small budget of 300 euros. The plot is the same as Lords and Ladies with few changes. It was released on DVD in 2005 with profits going to the Orangutan Foundation. The film is in German but there are English subtitles. (160 mins)

Lords and Ladies Trailer

Run Rincewind Run! (2007)

Produced by Snowgum Films for and premiered at Nullus Anxietas, a live action production described as short film/theatre. The plot is an original production where Rincewind is transported from Klatch to Australia where he ends up at the convention and literally meets his maker. Directed by Daniel Knight. (17 mins)

Run Rincewind Run! on Vimeo

Nation (2009)

In 2009 the UK newspaper The Guardian ran a competition to celebrate the stage adaptation of Nation for fans aged 10-17 to create a short film based on an extract from the novel selected by Terry. The entries were uploaded to a Youtube channel created by the Guardian for this competition. The winner was a stop motion animation by G0Studios, directed by Billy Godfrey. (2:30 mins)

Nation Extract

Nation Adaptation on Youtube

Terry Pratchett's The Duel (2015)

A short animated film produced by Giant Animation Studios, it is a student film created with aid from the Irish Film Board. Directed by: Alex Sherwood, Ben Harper and Sean Mullen. The plot is another original production featuring two Wizards duelling in the Unseen University Library. Terry Pratchett and Rob Wilkins are listed as executive producers. (4 mins)

The Duel on Vimeo

Poslední Odměna/Final Reward (2015)

This is a live action student film adaptation of the short story Final Reward. The film was written and directed by Ladislav Plecitý and the film follows the same plot as its namesake. The film is in Czech but there are English subtitles. (36 mins)

Final Reward on Youtube

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