Fettle Dodgast

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A wizard at the Unseen University, and currently the the holder of the title of oldest wizard in the University. Dr Fettle Dodgast holds this honor following the demise of the previous occupant Windle Poons, who in turn succeeded Greyhald Spold. One rather feels that there will soon be a new 'oldest wizard'.

Dr Dodgast is 132 years old in The Truth and is interviewed by the Ankh-Morpork Times and asked to comment on the coldness of the current winter. He claims that it is worse than the bad winter in 1902 when the frozen city was invaded by wolves, 'and we were jolly glad of it, as we hadn't had fresh meat for a fortnight'.


The incident of wolves coming into settlements during dire winters in search of food is mentioned in The Lord of the Rings, where the Shire was invaded by wolves when the Brandywine River froze during a cold winter. The hobbits still recall this event with fear, as unlike the ruthless citizens of Ankh-Morpork, the timid hobbits were more likely to have been eaten by the wolves than the other way round.