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Ffergant is a Dwarf in Llamedos who takes a traditional view as to how a Dwarf should dress at a wedding, even a very untraditional one by Dwarf standards, which so offends the sensibilities of old-time Deep-Downer grags that they take advantage of the time-honoured clause "If anyone here present knows of a reason why this wedding should not take place, let them speak now or forever hold their peace".

The deep-down old-time grags have, in fact, arrived in town to forcibly uphold the traditional Dwarf ways: and these do not include sanctioning the marriage of a female who is so clearly a ha'ak that she has broken with all that is good and pure and intends to marry a human male. When their enforcers crash the wedding with the intention of inhuming everyone present with great prejudice, Fferglant is the only person present who is armed. As a good well-dressed Dwarf should be. Seeing the bride murdered so presses his berserk button that he single-dwarfedly routs the murder squad.