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From the Discworld cover art

Released in 1994, From the Discworld is a collection of Discworld-themed music by Dave Greenslade based on ideas and themes from the Discworld novels. It features narrated excerpts from Tony Robinson and Stephen Briggs, and vocals from Tim Whitnall.

Track listing

  1. A'Tuin The Turtle
  2. Octarine, The Colour Of Magic
  3. The Luggage
  4. The Shades Of Ankh-Morpork
  5. Wyrd Sisters
  6. The Unseen University / The Librarian
  7. Death
  8. A Wizard's Staff Has A Knob On The End
  9. Dryads
  10. Pyramids
  11. Small Gods
  12. Stick And Bucket Dance
  13. The One Horseman And Three Pedestrians Of The Apocalypse
  14. Holy Wood Dreams