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Tony Robinson
Tony Robinson.jpg
Name Sir Anthony Robinson
Race Human
Age b. 15th August 1946 CE
Occupation Actor, TV Presenter, Author
Physical appearance Cunning
Residence West London, England
Children Two
Marital Status m. Louise Hobbs
Cameos Terry Pratchett's Hogfather

Sir Anthony 'Tony' Robinson is an English Actor, Television presenter, Author and Political Activist as a member of the Labour Party. Tony Robinson is most famous for his role as Baldrick in the comedy series Blackadder and as the host of the historical television series Time Team. He has also written multiple history based books for children.

Voice Work

Tony Robinson has lent his voice to several Discworld related projects. Most notably he has read the abridged versions of the audiobooks of the main Discworld Novels. So far he has narrated forty of the forty-one novels from The Colour of Magic to The Shepherd's Crown, the only exception has been The Last Hero.

Tony voiced several characters and small parts in the video game Discworld.

Tony Robinson read out the Richard Dimbleby Lecture: Shaking Hands With Death in the place of Terry Pratchett in 2010.

Other Contributions

He played the character Vernon Crumley in the television series of Hogfather.

Tony Robinson was one of the speakers at Terry Pratchett's Memorial. Some of the footage of his speech was used in Terry Pratchett: Back In Black.

The 25th anniversary edition of the novel Hogfather has a new introduction written by Tony Robinson.

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