Girls' Working School

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The Girls' Working School is a Borogravian institution, located in Munz. It is described as a place where Bad Girls go, presumably to atone for their wrongdoings -- which, under Nugganatic law, can be very nearly anything. Inmates reside there under extremely harsh restrictions, working long hours and subject to physical abuse. Even rape is hinted at (well, actually more than hinted, since Lofty Tewt had a child, which was swiftly taken away from her and hushed up). Occasionally a Girls' Working School inmate may be employed in Munz on a "work hire" assignment; such women are notable for their obedience and their silence.

Residents of the Girls' Working School refer to it as the "Grey House". It "hung over the end of the town like a threat, big and grey with tall, thin windows". It has a laundry which is already active before sunrise (possibly a parallel to Roundworld's Magdalene Laundries).

The Girls' Working School in Munz burned down under mysterious circumstances.