Lofty Tewt

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Tilda "Lofty" Tewt
Name Tilda Tewt
Race human
Age late teens or early 20s
Occupation soldier, former inmate of the Girls' Working School
Physical appearance slim, dark brown hair
Residence Borogravia
Children at least one child, from a miller where she went on work hire
Marital Status in a relationship with Tonker Halter
Books Monstrous Regiment

"Lofty" Tewt is one of the recruits who joined the Tenth Foot with Polly Perks. Her real name is Tilda.

She is short and slim with dark brown hair and the first one Polly can identify as a girl. This happens by sheer accident, when surprising her going to the toilet in the woods. The fact that she keeps sticking close to Tonker Halter leads Polly to believe, that she is "his" girl.

Lofty used to be in the Girls' Working School before escaping with Tonker. The continuous bad treatment there turned her into an arsonist. In the words of Tonker, every place she ever worked at burned down. One of them was a mill, where both the miller and his wife died in the explosion. (It is worth noting that the last two girls who worked at the mill did not come back alive). She had at least one child, very probably from the aforementioned miller, but this was taken away as soon as it was born and hushed up by the authorities at the School. This can only have fuelled the enormous anger that roils within her.

Lofty is very quiet, hardly ever saying more than monosyllables; only Tonker seems to be able to get any sense out of her. She also needs Tonker to steady her: without Tonker to help her, she would probably have lost what control she retains. She finds joy in fire, is always playing with matches, and can make explosive materials out of anything.

Lofty and Tonker disappear after the truce, but shortly afterwards the Girls' Working School burns to the ground and two slim hooded figures rob a bank...