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Goatberger Publishers of Ankh-Morpork provide many of the practical books and pamphlets for the city: books that don't require a bookstore but may be had from the Apothecary or any large produce market, not-very-literary books valued at least as highly for their softness and absorbency as their wit or wisdom.

J.H.C. Goatberger was the owner and publisher for many years. Against his better judgment, he published several works by Gytha Ogg which caused considerable controversy. Goatberger's accounting style will be familiar to writers across the Multiverse. He maintained that most copies of The Joye of Snacks were returned or confiscated, yet the cover proclaims "CXXth printyng" and "more than twenty thousand sold". Esme Weatherwax is an even better accountant; she collected a royalty of about forty percent for Nanny Ogg.

The elder Goatberger has been ill and seems to have retired, passing the company to his nephew, Ronald Goatberger. Most recently, with the arrival of the railroad, Thomas Goatberger has assumed control.

Popular Titles:

His address in the small adds is in Brewer Street, Isle of Gods, Ankh-Morpork