Grabpot Thundergust

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Grabpot Thundergust is a dwarf who wears fearsome "Clang" (one of the best-ever Pratchett p***-takes of Roundworld: whereas our icons wear bling they wear clang as it clanks, seeing as it's basically arms and armour), but who has a dreadful secret that he fears other dwarves will discover: he runs a cosmetics factory!

The vaguely masculine side of this is that his range of greasepaints &c are much sought after by clowns and actors, such as those who grace the stage at Olwyn Vitoller's Dysk Theatre. However, he has just launched "Ladies Secrets", a range of perfumes and cosmetics as used by Lady Sybil Vimes. He dresses in traditional chainmail, a three-horned helmet and has an enormous axe strapped across his back.

He is one of the much-maligned (by Sam Vimes) 'Community Leaders' to whom the City Watch turns to appeal for calm whenever something happens to upset the dwarf community in Ankh-Morpork.